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TBYMH by Murkoo

"I listened to some of your songs as I designed this concept for your T-shirt print. Real human Connections and motion were two things that stood out for me. I illustrated a real heart to symbolize this and used energetic line draws and marks with pen that felt like the image was vibrating and moving. I liked the idea of the heart pumping passionately, and incorporated the line “To Bring You my Heart” into the illustration ina way that was subtle but legible. It is as if the heart is communicating the lyric in a moreabstract musical manner. There are musical notes also added into theartwork. I also created a door with a key to the heart), and an eye that made it feel like the heart had it’s own way of seeing beyond the typical five senses. The patterns and other lines markings are often in my own creative style and I like the way they create a feeling of aliveness, energy and mystic."


Design by Jasper Murphy

Jasper Murphy was born and raised ina small town on the southwest coast of Ireland. He studied Graphic Design in London, England, before landing on Canadian soil in 2001. He has since been working as a graphic designer in Vancouver, along with running his own art businessand MURKOO.

The name Murphy is Murchú in Gaelic (pronounced mur-koo) which means sea warrior, originating from an ancient clan in Ireland. The meaning of the name inspired Jasper to write ‘The Legend of MURKOO’and he decided to use this as a spring board tocreate a brand to showcase his art on t-shirtsand other wearables. 

Jasper attributes his childhood fascination with stained glass church windows, celtic and africanart, as well as various puzzles to his developed style. He also finds folklore, legends and mythology aconstant source of inspiration.


TBYMH by Murkoo